We work seeking the best management practices, with clear and transparent targets and objectives.

We comply with current standards and legislation and are up to date with all labor obligations and requirements from all government levels.

All company processes are connected via ERP system, ensuring information accuracy and traceability.

In the manufacturing process, paper designs are not used, the whole process is performed through virtual 3D models, with displays installed on the factory floor.

The philosophy of Lean Manufacturing is widespread in our organizational culture. Tools like 5S, Kaizen, KPIs, PDCA and Value-Stream Mapping are used in company management in order to continuously increase our competitiveness. Mold development is monitored daily, under the responsibility of people designated specifically for this activity.

Production monitoring is performed in real time through the ERP. Production records are registered at all workstations, informing the progress of the project at each stage developed.

Engineering department equipped with high-end software, constantly updated, used by professionals who are trained and committed to mold development from the quote stage. Feasibility analysis for the injected products are performed even before the start of the project to guarantee quality of the final product.

Team committed to producing injected parts with 100% quality starting at the first test (Try- out) of each mold.

Flexibility to meet customer requests related to product changes.

Constant investment in technology and professional training.