2004 Company foundation, started activities providing machining services for companies in the region.

2006 Manufactured first mold for thermoforming, used for the rear bumper of the automobile L200 GL (Mitsubishi).

2007 Quality system certified by ISO 9001.

2008 Manufactured first mold for injection, used for the headlight mask of the automobile Sandero (Renault).

2010 Acquisition of CNC Milling Machine Vector 4000 x 3000 x 1000 mm and 10 Ton Overhead Crane.

2011 Acquisition of CNC Milling Machine Portal (Hartford) and Erosion Resitron BF1200.

2012 Acquisition of EDM Erosion Resitron RT400, Mitsubishi TV700 Graphite Machining Center, Lathe and 12 Ton Overhead Crane.

2013 Acquisition of Dahlih HC2000 Horizontal CNC Milling Machine and High Speed ​​Gentiger 2516 Machining Center.

2014 Acquisition of High Speed ​​Gentiger 1614 Machining Center, Double Head Erosion MIC 2220-2H, Hision Machining Center HTM-VMC1000L.

2015 Expansion of manufacturing facilities and acquisition of land for new headquarters.

2016 Acquisition of Clamping Unit and Measuring Arm.

2017 Acquisition of two new machining centers, CNC Milling Machine Portal Hision GLU28 and 5-axis Fidia D321.

2018 Acquisition of 5 Axis Machining Center

2019 Expansion of the manufacturing area by 1500 m², totaling more than 2700 m² of built area

2020 Crane Acquisition 40t capacity

2021 Acquisition of the Cheto IX2000 7-axis deep-drilling machining center and the press for closing adjustments and HMG-400 tests.